New Release Supermoon debut album on Cassette Tapes

20 February 2021

Soon on Cassette! Supermoon debut album filled with heavy basslines and melodic guitars, psychedelic atmosphere,…

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Fulanno Premiere New Track From Upcoming Album!

27 September 2020

Argentinian Doomers collective FULANNO, premiere a brand new track titled “Fuego en la Cruz”, taken…

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Sang Pelebur Telah Datang!

8 July 2020

Kota Pekanbaru merupakan salah satu kota di Sumatra yang mulai gencar melahirkan grup musik dengan…

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New Release Smoke Mountain – Queen of Sin on Cassette Tapes

20 May 2020

We will be releasing “Queen of Sin” on Cassette, first full-length album from Florida-based occult…

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New Releases Mournful Cries – Bad Taste on Cassette Tapes

14 October 2019

We will be releasing Mournful Cries – Bad Taste on Tapes soon! Born under the…

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New Releases Bongtower – Altered States on Cassette Tapes

11 July 2019

We will be releasing Bongtower – Altered States on tapes soon! 50 copies, limited handnumbered…

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New Releases Two Album Spaceslug on Cassette Tapes

4 April 2019

SOON! Out next for all Galactic Travelers! Spaceslug – Mountains & Reminiscence (75 copies handnumbered)…

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